Douglas Fir Pine Trees09:24 PM Saturday July 04, 2020 |

A—–“Nagagandahan ako sa mga pine trees na ganyan. Buti meron pa rin dito na pine trees.”
E—–“Anong pine trees, hindi arocaria?”
A—–“Hindi arocaria, yung parang Christmas tree.”
A—–“Ano na nga ba yun… ang tawag dun…. MacArthur…. hmmm MacArthur Ber”
E—–“Douglas Fir”
A—–“Hahaha, close, Douglas fir, MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur very close”
E—–“Haha pwede, Douglas MacArthur, malapit nga”

Talking about douglas fir, that brought back Edmund’s memories when he joined Kuya Lito in supplying electric posts to NEA or National Electrification Administration. Kuya imported the wood poles from Alabama. Edmund said maybe Kuya Lito became popular in the whole town as the one who got all their trees. That was a long time ago, maybe 30+ years ago.
E—–“Nakalbo siguro bundok nila. Kabisado ng kuya kung saang lugar tumutubo yung pine tree depending on the variety.”


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