Engineer Bien Ojeda and Oh my buhay

There’s a newly-elected councilor from Binangonan, Rizal who beat the odds by running independently and against a solid team of incumbents.

Bien won hands down because he has a good reputation but he truly is a good and honest man. Aside from being an engineer and contractor, Bien is active in various community projects.

I personally know that not all councilors are qualified for the job, and not all who have a good reputation means they truly are good people. The voters just don’t know who they truly are and how they run their personal lives.

I told Bien that I hope he remains a good and honest person. After a year of being elected, he could be sucked into the culture.

May 29,2022, 5:43 pm
I am proud and happy for Bien. He will be an asset to the town of Binangonan.
Mabuhay ka Konsehal Bien Ojeda.

OMB and Birn Ojeda


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