Filipina woman assaulted in NY

The number of hate crimes and assaults against Asians, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., continues unabated. From spitting, yelling, kicking, shoving, bumping, to serious life-threatening assaults to fatal attacks.

On the very same day that an Asian guy was brutally beaten by a black man and choked on the subway train bound for Brooklyn in NY, a woman, reportedly a Filipina, was walking on the street in broad daylight when a big, tall, black guy gave her a kick on the stomach and continued to stomp her face and head. The worst thing, there were witnesses right there and they just watched. Is it a coincidence that they are black too?

It’s so sickening and infuriating to watch. To say that I am angry at both the perpetrator and the people who did nothing to stop the evil guy is an understatement. If I were in the US right now, I will join in the protest rallies.

According to the building owner where the guards just stood and watch the crime happening, they suspended the three employees. I hope the guy who assaulted the Asian woman lands in jail.
The police and the community should work together to bring the criminal to justice.

If I were the mayor of New York and San Francisco, I will deploy plainclothes officers on the subway, trains. everywhere. Those of Asian-decent would be decoys and if they are hit or witness a hate crime, they can immediately handcuff those criminals.

I am visiting the US in a few months and will stay for one month. Edmund pa naman misses New York and wants to visit for a few days. Siguro wag na lang muna this year. He hasn’t been back for 12 years maybe. When Oyen came home for good, Edmund had no more reason to visit New York. Me, I went back a few times.

I am already planning on how to better protect myself next time we travel. #1 I should always watch my back, side, front, so I don’t get kicked or pushed without any defense. I should always have something in my hand and pocket, in my bag that I can easily use to defend my life. I will not hesitate to use all of it for self-defense. I have also Googled off-duty-policemen and security guards. They can be hired as private security for a few hours, days, or weeks.

By the way, those who commute on trains, be careful. Someone could push you onto the train tracks or drag you and push you off the rails.


(Video clips from Good Morning America, CNBC, abc 7).


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4 thoughts on “Filipina woman assaulted in NY

  1. Last February a more gruesome act was done to Filipino Noel Quintana in the same NY subway.He was beaten and his face was slashed ear to ear by a feral black thug.
    New York Official crime statistics 2020.22%black population responsible for 66%of murders.
    Fentanyl George Floyd who died of an overdose heirs just won the ghetto lottery of $27million.A thug who has never contributed to society and has been in and out of jail since 19 years old is now elevated to martyrdom by gullible Americans who don’t bother to research facts and just gulp everything thrown at them by the jew-controlled media.Welcome to clown world USA.The hostile elite want to divert the attention of the American people by race baiting while they continue to plunder the nation unabated.The corporations want illegal immigration who are willing to work cheap while American citizens continue to lose jobs that used to provide adequate salary for a person to live with dignity.It used to be gay rights.Now the current agenda are global nations without borders and transsexual..what is next?normalize pedophilia,workers smart enough to work but not capable of critical thinking.

    1. Hi Gia,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you. While no country is perfect, the US
      is a flawed society. They enjoy too much freedom and it’s causing moral degradation.
      By the way, was the guy who brutally assaulted Noel Quintana caught and put in jail?

  2. Nadadamay lahat ng Asian-Americans dahil sa Corochinchin virus na yan. Sila tuloy ang napagbabalingan ng sama ng loob ng mga taong nag-suffer directly or indirectly dahil doon.

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