Black guy beats up Asian guy on the train

My heart bleeds as I watch the horrific physical battery being done by an African-American to a helpless Asian-American guy on the subway train in New York. Although the train is full of commuters, not one person comes to stop the violent attack. The black guy looks determined to maim or kill the Asian boy.

The full video shows the black guy practically murdering the Asian guy, continuously punching him on the face even when the Asian was already unconscious. Not content, the black guy choked him and shove him to the chair until the guy fell on the floor. It was gut-wrenching to watch and could make your blood boil. The guy also took the Asian man’s shopping bag which according to the witnesses, was an Apple product.

This makes me both very sad and extremely furious. We cannot allow this to happen. This must be stopped right now. Something must be done. The police will not be there all the time. People who are still in their right frame of mind should help in stopping this atrocity. If all those on the train gather around the black guy and restrain him from further harming the Asian, they can. And they should do a citizen’s arrest and turn over the offender to the police.

You people who think it’s cool to hurt innocent people who have done nothing wrong to you, get a life. Educate yourselves so that you develop a better understanding of the world around you. Being exposed to other nationalities will make you broad-minded, more accepting, and respectful of people with different skin colors other than yours.

Asian people are educated, have meaningful jobs, peace-loving, good members of society, and are a blessing to the community they live in. They don’t go to CVS to steal food and wine. They don’t grab a dozen Michael Kors bags from Ross Dress for Less without paying. You don’t find them in the streets and on the subway harassing passersby. They don’t smoke weed on your face. They work hard to live a decent life.

Now, I want you to imagine that the Asian guy in this video is black, and the guy trying to kill him is white. The magnitude of the situation will surely create a political and national social upheaval.

Let’s add another twist. Imagine that the Asian guy being choked to death is white, Do you think this will also be just another day in NYPD’s tour of duty?

This is attempted murder, robbery, a hate crime. The police are still searching for the criminal and are asking for all your help in bringing this to justice. The perpetrator should spend at least 20 years in jail plus 10 more years of community service like cleaning the smelly subway and scrubbing public toilets.

I hope the victim is alive and suffers no long-term injury. If they have a GoFundMe drive to help him, let’s give however little we can.


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