Found old photos with presidentiables

Jan 21, 2021

Our new driver looked confused when I got on the car and drove off. Aba hindi pa sya tapos mag-quarantine, mahirap na.
I’d rsther drive by myself rather than risk catching the virus.

When EDSA is clear, it’s also fun to drive.


I found a stack of old photos inside yellow Kameraworld packets gathering dust on top of my desk.
I Vibered these photos to my colleagues to refresh their memories. I will include the names of those I still remember, sigurado baka 10 years from now pati mukha ko I would not be able to recognize anymore.  If you see a _____ it means I forgot the name of the person.  A cross (+) after the name means deceased, patay na, hindi may sakit.  Disease yun.

__, me, Brig. Gen. Victor Corpus, Susing Pineda, Chian Callaghan,  Pocholo Jacinto (+),  Ambassador Filemon Cuevas (+).

_____, Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr.,  Atty. Mike Varela (+),  Dick Penson

Pocholo Jacinto (+), Chian Callaghan, Brig. Gen. Victor Corpus

Ambassador Joe Romero (+),  Susing Pineda, Serge Ortiz-Luis, Noel Onate, Atty. Mike Varela (+).
Back facing the camera—- Atty. Leonardo Siguion-Reyna (+).

Standing from left to right ____, ____, ____,  Sec. Jose Pardo, Dick Penson. Tony Lopa, ____, Sammy Lim,  Oscar de Venecia,   William Gatchalian (behind Serge),  Serge Ortiz-Luis, Noel Onate.

Seated from left to right:

Susing Pineda, Annie C. Tan-Yee (that’s me),  Fernando Poe, Jr. (+), Atty. Mike Varela (+), and Ambassador Filemon Cuevas (+).

Ambassador HE Joey Antonio,  current Philippine Ambassador to the United States, HE Babe Romualdez,  Raul Roco (+),  me.

a Dick Penson, Chian Callaghan, me, Jun Ortiz-Luis, Mike Varela (+)

Pocholo Jacinto (+), Mike Varela (+), Joey Antonio, Susing Pineda, me, Amb. Jose “Babe” Romualdez.

Standing left to right:
Donald Dee (+),  Dick Penson,  Annie C. Tan-Yee, Jun Arroyo (+), Noel Onate, Ambassador Joey Antonio, Ambassador Babe Romualdez, _________, Antonio Lopa, ___________,
Seated from left to right:

Amb. Joe Romero (+), Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Susing Pineda, Raul Roco (+), Atty. Mike Varela (+), Ambassador Filemon Cuevas (+), Placido Mapa (+). In this photo, pito sa kaibigan natin ay wala na sa mundong ibabaw.


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