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Jan 16 10:17 am

Oyen gave her dad a cellphone stand. I doubt if Edmund will use this, baka masayang lang.
cellphone stand
Jan 17    12 am

CNN reports a man has lost 7 relatives to Covid. How tragic.

1:30 pm

Choco’s favorite spot for his carefree idleness

Looking up to the sky 5:47 pm

My husband has given up on Antinola’s cooking so he requested us to just order food from outside everyday. Yes, everyday.
Oyen found a home cooked style food delivery and ordered for 5 consecutive days good for 4 pd. Sobrang hassle kasi the maids have to walk 1.5 kilometers each way to pick up the food.  The drivers are still on quarantine,
For tonight, their menu is ginisang munggo, mestballs, adobong ewan.

Konti lang nabawas, the rest we gave to the staff.

I ate mostly the callos.

food delivery

Jan 19
I went to the office today. I like going to the office. I get more things done like preparing and finalizing documents. When I am at home my mind and body just want to relax.

Ford Escape


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