The Americans are the biggest promoters, advocates, of freedom and respect. These two words are the bedrock of their existence and what catapulted them to be the leader of the democratic world. They rescued nations from persecution and abuse from foreign domination. They are the leader of a world living in peaceful-co-existence.

Sadly, I think many Americans are now confusing what those two words mean and what their great country represents.

Freedom doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to do. Freedom doesn’t mean you can control your destiny in total disregard for other’s rights, without affecting those you live with, and those around you.

Being free doesn’t mean you can steal, harm, kill, invade other people’s rights and property.

Being free doesn’t mean you can say hurtful and destructive words against anyone. Freedom must always be accompanied by respect. It’s not given for people to abuse.

Always apply the golden rule. I bet you want to live in harmony with your surroundings, I bet you want to enjoy a peaceful life without any fear that some stranger would come steal your belongings, invade your home, insult you, etc.

Doing bad things to others has big accountability, If you have stolen something, that’s not exercising freedom. That is a criminal act and you must return what you have stolen.
If you harmed anyone, you must suffer the consequences.

Freedom is not absolute. There are very clear lines and boundaries. Every educated, well-meaning, self-respecting person should know the limits.



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