Golden Gate Bridge and Crazy Drivers

It’s funny because after almost 35 years of visiting the US on a regular basis, we have never been to many tourist places most especially natural reserves and regional parks. It’s not yet too late. We can visit one every time we come for a long holiday.

We’ll start today and we are now on our way. First, we drive thru the tunnel and through Golden Gate Bridge. We were just here last week.

Golden gate bridge




That huge edifice is the Palace of Fine Arts


As soon as we got out of the tunnel and crossed Bay Bridge, a black SUV on our right continued to sideswipe a smaller car on its left side.  The car moved away from the black SUV by moving to the next lane but the SUV purposely squeezed in and hit the smaller car until they both hit the other cars.  One vehicle in front of us spinned to my horrow, I thought it would hit us.  The smaller car crashed to some railings sveral meters away.  The black SUV plowed through the plastic barriers. This was a case of road outrage.  Based on what Edmund and I had witnessed, the black SUV was the aggressive one.  I was too shocked to film what was unfolding infront of my very eyes. All I could say was Oh my God, oh my God oh my God.

Guys,  let’s calmly share the road with all the other motorists.  We all want to reach our destinations safe and sound.

#crazydrivers #choosetobegood #berespectfulandkind @drivesafe


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