Grief and Goodness10:16 PM Tuesday March 23, 2021 |

Sometimes I feel like my problems are difficult to solve, or they come after another, or they are heavy. But when I hear of other people’s problems I realize that their problems are bigger.

For instance, the Yu family whose massive house caught fire last Saturday morning due to their maid’s cellphone charger lost 5 members and 3 are still in the hospital.

Big Boy Sy and wife Princess lost their eldest daughter Jan Catherine on March 18. Jan was only 29 and was scheduled to walk down the aisle come April 9. Big Boy described himself as broken.

The 10 people who were in the supermarket in Boulder, Colorado died instantly from gunshot wounds inflicted by a rampaging 21-year-old boy. How ironic that this city earned the number one spot in Best Places to Live and Work in the USA in a 2020/2021 survey.

The 6 Asian women working in massage salons and spas in Atlanta, Giorgia who died without any chance of defending themselves from the 21-year-old white shooter.

The two old Asian men who were intentionally pushed to the ground by racist men died from this recent spate of hate crimes against Asians.

The grief that befell families of those who died, from violence, accidents, sickness, and natural causes is unimaginable.

There are problems that happen in our lives that we have no control of like accidents, sudden sicknesses, and even Covid. And there are human actions that cause other people problems.

Let’s not create trouble for other people. Let’s always be kind, patient, respectful. Let’s not harm others and cause them and their families suffering. Let us live in peaceful harmony with our surroundings, with people from all walks of life, from all nations, from all colors.
Live and let live. We all matter.

We can all do something individually to keep the world a safer and happier place. By being good, respectful, and kind persons. These traits don’t cost us money, don’t earn us money but being a good person earns us good points from the universe and maybe it’ll reward us with something equally good. Goodness begets goodness.

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