La Maripili’s short churros

February 25, 2017 Saturday
It was only me, Oyen and Derrick who went to church last Saturday night because Edmund was in Davao. His flight to Manila was at 9:40 pm, he arrived home at around midnight.

We went to the newly opened Ayala Mall The 30th along Meralco Avenue in Pasig after the mass. We went around the brand-new mall for several minutes, exploring the area, then we decided to have a light dinner at La Maripili.

I chose the restaurant because I was attracted to the color white doors and windows. It reminded me of Shabby Chic. And the three of us were not hungry-hungry, the thought of light meals– crepes and sandwiches was a good alternative to a heavy meal with rice.
La Maripili

The interior is a play of shabby and woodsy. We loved the ambiance.
La Marapili Restaurant

I noticed the unstained and unpolished natural wooden floors. I loved it. it reminded me of my childhood. It also reminded me of my father’s kamalig.
But since the wood was not polished, you cannot walk here barefooted or else you’re going to have splinters (salubsob).
La Marapili hard wood floors

They take orders at the counter.
La Marapili,  counter

My daughter and I liked the interior design. I want my cottage kubo to look a little bit like this. Their designer is very good. Contact me if your’e that person.
La Marapili design interiors

It’s nice to make istambay here. My daughter said I can come here in the afternoon and blog from here. Meron kaya sila high speed wifi?
La Marapili tables

La Marapili interiors

They have pasta, crepes, sandwiches.
La Marapili,  pasta menu

Oyen ordered a sandwich
La Marapili grilled sandwiches menu

We didn’t order sweet crepes.
La Marapili crepes

La Marapili churros

La Espanolita toast
La Marapili toasts

I must say that I liked the generous serving of prosciutto ham or jamon serrano. At least hindi tipid.
La Marapili,  prosciutto ham

Oyen said this was good. It was good but it was forgettable in my opinion. Or my standards are just too high. Tingnan mo ngayon, I can’t even remember how it tasted. If I don’t crave for it, that means we will not be dining there again within this month. If ever I go back, it’s for the ambiance. Maybe the other dishes on the menu have a more kick. I’ll order them next time.
La Marapili crepe

I have a few problems with their churros. One, it took them a good half hour before they served the two tiny churros. We had to follow-up twice.
Two, the waiter served it without a tray. He was holding them with his hands. I don’t like people touching my food, my glasses, my utensils. I prefer that they serve them on and in a food tray.

La Marapili,  churros

Three, ang liit nya. Gusto ko malaki.
It’s about 4 inches long only. Wala yan sa standard.
Ayaw ko ng maikli, gusto ko mahaba.

La Marapili tiny churro

La Maripili
Ground Floor, Ayala Mall The 30th
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City


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