Our House Has Water Leaks

I woke up at 5:25 am from the pouring rain. Grabe sa lakas, it’s the kind of volume that causes heavy floods. Buhos na tuloy-tuloy. I got worried about Ford Cainta, kasi bumabaha dun sa Ortigas Avenue Extension. I wanted to ask Edmund to contact the guards but he was still asleep. I stood-up and ewan kung bakit, I decided to go to the second guest room to check it for water leaks (tulo). Wala naman. Then I went up to the deck where I found leaks coming from a portion of the ceiling where the roof beam is.

roof deck  August 3, 2017

I went down to the kitchen and called the maids. They were awake already.
I told them to bring batya o palanggana (basin) to the deck to catch the water leaks.
One got a palanggana, the other one, Let, went out of the kitchen. We were all wondering what was taking her so long to get a basin. When she came back she was carrying this very long ladder.
A—-“San ka pupunta? Batya ang sabi ko, hindi hagdan”.
Let—“Akala ko hagdan”.
Antonia—-“Ay sus”.

water leaks,  batya

There were leaks in the auxiliary kitchen too.

Blue batya in the kitchen

Tulo every where.

Antonia is so smart. She placed towels / basahan in the palanggana to prevent water from splattering.
brown batya,

green palanggana

Okay lang if your house has tulo, wag lang ang husband mo. (Tulo = Gonorrhea)


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