She’s smarter than a lot of people. She’s abreast with current events. This morning, I didn’t have to read the newspaper, she gave me the updates and a commentary about what’s happening inside the Bureau of Customs.

Omb—–“Kilala mo ba si Faeldon?”
Antonia—“Hindi mam”.
Antonia—“Grabe naman mam, anim na bilyon ang drugs. Milyon-milyon araw-araw ang kolekta nila sa drugs”.

Philippine Star  August 3, 2017

Over breakfast, she also gave me an update on the hidden wealth that would soon surface. She’s one of the beneficiaries together with who-knows-how-many loyalists there are. Wala na daw taong mahirap sa Pilipinas dahil trilyon-trilyon ang ipamimigay. Nagsimula na nga daw mamigay sa Bicol ng isang milyon kada pamilya.

We (sama ako) will go to Hongkong to shop and she will meet up with her cousin in London. First, she will go to Canada. She will not bring a maleta kasi mabigat, but she will have lot of things to bring home from shopping. All these for now are still pangarap but according to her, would soon happen, maybe a year before the President’s term ends.

What is she talking about? Marcos wealth.

She told me the story of First Lady Imelda Marcos. According to her, Imelda was born to a poor girl working as housemaid and her British employer. This is the reason why she’s very tall, maputi and mistisa. Imelda was found by the Romualdezes in a public market. The American father (kala ko ba British nung una?) searched for Imelda and made her sign documents that made her the heir to 1/4 of London. The British father was very wealthy he owned London. He gave Imelda 1/4 only.

Antonia— “Kaya mam, hindi mauubusan si Imelda ng pera, ang yaman nya”.
Antonia— “Pag natanggap ko mam ang pera ko, maliligo din ako sa gatas, fresh milk, pareho ni Imelda para gumanda rin ang kutis ko”.

On the Marcos wealth:
Antonia—–“Hindi sa corrupt galing ang pera ni Marcos. Galing daw yan sa itaas”. She was pointing at the ceiling.
Omb———” Saang itaas?”
Antonia—–“Hulog sa kanya. Bumagsak na lang galing sa itaas”.
Omb——“Saang itaas?”
I really wanted to know so that next time, we could catch it.

Antonia—–“Diretso mam sa itaas, bigay sa kanya”.
Omb———“Sino nga ang nagbigay?”
Antonia—–“Si Lord!”

Oo nga naman. Where else would it come from?

Antonia—–“Trilyon yan mam, naka hold”. Pag na release, kasama ako sa beneficiary”.
Nakalista na raw ang pangalan nya.
Omb———“Nakaka-lula naman sa dami, trilyon?”
Antonia—-“Galing yan kay Lola Sita”.

Omb———“Lola Sita? Sino yun?”
Antonia—–“Lola Sita treasure, Masita, Mama Sita. Sya ang may-ari nung Buddha. Nahukay nila yung Buddha, binenta nila sa abroad, kay Mama Sita yun”. (Antonia meant Yamashita).
Omb——-“Sana hindi nila binenta, nilagay na lang sa museum”.
Antonia—“Baka nakawin lang yan mam sa museum”.

Ang yaman pala ni Mama Sita, bakit kaya nagtitinda pa sila ng patis, toyo and oyster sauce?


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