Migraine Everyday and Shaw Blvd.

I’ve been having daily migraine for the past two or three weeks. I just manage the pain by massaging my forehead, neck and shoulders, by putting peppermint rub, by putting ice, sometimes I take Bonamine. And when it’s too painful, I take Biogesic.

Edmund said it’s stress. He advised me to try to shake off from my mind the things that give me stress. I hope it’s that simple and easy.

The employment agency where I got three maids hasn’t replaced the lavandera and housemaid. It’s been two months. Ever since I arrived from the US, I’ve been following up and they just keep on saying na wala pa, they would give me a call daw but they never called. I was always the one calling.
So last tuesday, I decided to just make time and go to their office in Shaw Boulevard.

Shaw Boulevard, August 1, 2017

I wanted to cut through the traffic by taking side streets but my new driver didn’t know the way.
A——“Sa Shaw Boulevard, alam mo ba kung saan yung Shaw Boulevard?”
Driver—-“Yes mam”.
The only way he knew was thru EDSA.
I had no choice but to take EDSA or else, I would be better off taking the wheel. I would get tired and stressed out telling him kaliwa, kanan, diretso.

Traffic along EDSA was already heavy even if it was only 1:30 pm so I told him to go up the Rockwell flyover. I instructed him to go straight and cross the bridge to Mandaluyong. There are arrows that point the way to Shaw Blvd.
I was having an onset of migraine. The portion right above my right eyebrow was painful. The nerve connects to my head.
We were able to cross the bridge and there were big signs so I thought oklay na kami. I closed my eyes while massaging my nape to manage my migraine.

I felt the vehicle stopped. I opened my eyes. We were in an intersection with narrow streets. I didn’t recognize where we were. There was no more directional signs going to Shaw Boulevard.

A—–“Asan na tayo?”
No one answered. The driver was staring at the corner.
A—–“Magtanong ka muna kung alin ang papunta sa Shaw Blvd. para sigurado tayo”.
Sgt P rolled down his window and called out to a man walking by.
Sgt P—–“Magtatanong kami. Pwede bang magtanong? Itatanong sana namin..”
He sounded uncertain.
(Dyos ko ang tagal naman nyang magtanong).

A—–“Saan kamo ang papuntang Shaw Boulevard!”
Sgt P—–“Pwede bang magtanong? Pupunta kami sa Roxas Boulevard”.

My God, Roxas Boulevard? How can I even rest or sleep while in the car? Pag gising ko nasa Roxas Boulevard na kami.

A—-“Shaw Boulevard!!”
Sgt P—-“Ay sa Roxas Boulevard”.


Luckily, the Mandaluyong City Hall was just around the corner and I am very familiar with that area.
A—-“Ikanan mo dyan, paikot lang yan”.
A—-“Kanan ka”.
A—-“Diretso lang”.
A—-“Diretso pa, sa dulo, yun na ang Shaw Blvd”.
A—-“Bakit ka tumigil? Hindi pa ito ang dulo. diretso ka pa”.
A—-“Yan na ang Shaw Blvd. Kanan ka”.
A—-“Nasa kanan yung building, huwag kang sa kaliwa tumingin”.
A—-“Hayan, iparada mo dyan sa harap”.
Driver—-“dito lang mam, salamin na nila yan”.

Dios mio, alangan naman ipasok namin yung sasakyan sa loob nung salamin, eh yun na yung dingding nung office.

Finally, we reached the employment agency’s office. As soon as I walked in, the employees recognized me. I interviewed 5 maid applicants. One maid didn’t want to wash clothes for more than 3 people. 5 daw is considered too many. (We’re only 3 for now.)
One squirmed when I told her we have dogs. So out na rin sya. The other one didn’t want to answer my question “Saan ka dati nagtrabaho?”
The other one has a very pretty face but she is cross-eyed as in dukling talaga kaya baka mahirapan sya o kami.

I only hired one. She sports short-short hair and was wearing boxer shorts. I asked her if she’s tomboy. Hindi daw, nasunog lang daw buhok nya sa kaka-rebond kaya pinaikli nya.

new maid,  short hair

We only have two rooms for the household helpers.
One room is for the ladies and the other one for the men. Each room has a toilet and shower and four beds. Having a lesbian would make the others uncomfortable that’s why I had to ask. I cannot mix her with the guys if ever. Puro macho yun baka kuyugin sya.


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8 thoughts on “Migraine Everyday and Shaw Blvd.

  1. Gd am Ms Annie.. yan ang hirap minsan pag sa agency kumukuha ng househelp.. kahit meron nang potential applicant, d nila basta ibibigay sayo kc may mga “priority” clients sila.. kaya u really have to go there and check the applicants urself, tapos saka lang nila bibigay sayo pag nagustuhan mo.. pero out of their own volition? hindi po.. kaya nagsawa na din ako kumuha sa agency, madalas, kakakuha mo pa lang ng househelp, after a week or two, magpapaalam na yan tapos babalik sa agency,.. pero ung agency naman, hindi agad maghahanap ng kapalit ng kinuha mo, magsasawa ka na din sa kakatawag at kaka- follow up sa replacement ng unang kinuha mo.. Madalas naman, asar talo na lang — maaasar ka sa kakahintay, pag naasar ka naman, ikaw ang talo..

    Anywya, i do hope ur new househelp will stay and blend in with the other househelp para naman dka na namomroblema sa staff ng house mo.. monsan dmo lang napapansin, pero yan pag iintindi sa hosusehold staff mo, isa na yan sa reasons kung bakit ka lagi meron MIGRAINE,,

    Have a stress-free and Blessed weekend, Ms Annie..❤ GOd bless u amd the family always ❤❤

    1. Hi Pam
      Hay, we no longer wish that they stay. We’re sick and tired of dealing with these situation. If they stay, they stay. Agencies are really hard to deal with. They don’t replace the maids, intentionally. Even if the maid only stayed for a few hours, the agencies don’t refund our payments.

  2. The hiring of maids is adding to the stress.. Haha..take it easy..Since I’ve become a Senior citizen, I try to be cool..

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