Husband left her for his high school sweetheart

Their parents were neighbors in an affluent subdivision in Makati. Their parents were good friends so when they were paired, every body was happy. They fell in love and treated each other well. In fact, they were so compatible that they never had a major argument. Since they were both wealthy, they spent most of their time vacationing together, visiting relatives in Northern California.

They’ve been married for many years and were very happy together. Until one day…..

The husband joined the Facebook group of his high school batch. They organized and held a grand high school reunion. He was active in their meetings and get-togethers.

One night, he told his wife that he’s leaving her to live with his first love, his first girl friend, his high school sweetheart.

Wife didn’t see it coming. She was confident that they had a solid marriage, They didn’t have a child but they were best friends and happy together, She thought.

Not anymore. The husband is in love again, with his first love. Apparently, his one true love.

To mend her broken heart, the wife left for the US and lived with her younger sister. She met a handsome young guy, more than 10 years her junior. He is jobless, didn’t finish college, but handsome and had great abs, a result of him being a fitness buff.

She bought a house in California and married him. When asked how she was able to have her marriage with his first marriage, she said all their marriage records were pulled out and erased, No computer files yet during those days, She paid a group to erase every public record that showed they were married.

Her life with this second boy was far from blissful. Their relationship was the exact opposite of her life with her first husband. She and her young husband were always fighting and having an argument every day for little things. They were absolutely opposites. Add that to the fact that the guy wasn’t cultured and his ways were so rough.

One thing that irritated her no end was his being a chain smoker. He smoked in front of her, in front of her friends, inside their house, and inside other people’s homes.

It didn’t last long that he got sick of cancer of the lungs, and died.

She still lives in Northern California, alone, but close to her younger sister’s fsmily. She stalks her first husband on Facebook.


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