Road trip to Lake Tahoe

July 15, 2021

We’re making the most out of our vacation here. Unlike in the past 30 years when we mostly spent our vacations in California,  we now want to visit as many other places in America as possible. Unfortunately due to Covid risks, we can only travel by road and short distances only.

This weekend we decided to go on another road trip, cruisin’ California.

The last time we went to Lake Tahoe was long, long, long time ago when Nyke was only 2 years old and Oyen was 7.

It was as if we totally forgot this place existed.  Although only a short drive,  we never visited this tourist place again.

Lake Tahoe is a resort city in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s a city in contrast— covered with snow during winter, and beaches during the summertime, It’s a popular ski resort bordering California – Nevada. It also has several casino hotels across the Nevada state line.

And this trip we were making was to bring my son back because he said he hasn’t been here.  Of course, he would not be able to remember because he was only a toddler then.

Lake Tahoe, here we come, leisurely driving, enjoying the lovely pine trees.

road trip


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