I am bringing home one luggage only

When my kids were little, I packed a lot of diapers, blankets, lampins. I would bring home 4 balikbayan boxes at least. Nuon kasi, allowed up to 4 if you have the PAL gold card.
The customs officers in Manila would always give a surprised look everytime they opened any of my boxes— puro Huggies and towels. Walang commercial items, walang luxury brands, walang guns and bullets. Nuon kasi mga Pilipino mahilig mag-uwi ng baril. Ako, puro diapers. Wala pa ring drugs nuon, hindi pa uso ang shabu.

I get so tired bringing home boxes. Although there are people who readily help, it can’t also be helped that I would be the one to lift the heavy boxes. Mahina na ako, my super powers are waning. I no longer want to travel with so many luggages and boxes. Nakakapagod. It’s no longer fun.
And since I already have clothes in the US, there’s no more need to pack clothes. I am also not a heavy clothes shopper so konti ang dala kong damit.
And oh, my husband went home on January 16, way ahead of me. He brought home na pala some of my stuff. Eh nakalimutan ko na kung ano yung mga yun.

I am only bringing home one luggage. And you cannot pack a lot inside a luggage. I have kung-anu-ano-lang. Band-aid boxes are for Edmund.



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