November 16, 2018

I bought a casted aluminum garden love seat from a furniture store in Marikina. The store owner Ana claimed that she had this custom made for her grandchildren but just forgot to bring it home.

garden love seat

I bought it last week and brought it to the farm.
Because it was new and so white, the kariton looked so bulok beside it so I repainted the 100-year-old carriage.

OMB paints the kariton

OMB paints the antique carriage

I noticed the paint’s thicker consistency.
paint brushes

It now looks a little bit alive again.   I should repaint this once a year to protect it from the harsh elements.

kariton and garden seat

I was so engrossed with my painting job that I didn’t notice the mess I have created. The white sticky paint was all over my arms, my hands, and it covered my ring. I couldn’t remove the paint with plain water. I told Sgt. Pepper to buy water based paint yun pala iba binili nya. No wonder the consistency was so thick. I had a hard time cleaning myself up. I had to use a sponge brush for cleaning to scrub the paints off my arms, fingers, elbows, hands. Ang sakit, namula yung balat ko.
acienda tgy 290

And my cellphone. I removed the cover because it became so sticky.
paint stains on cellphone


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