It’s so hard to say bye-bye to my apopoo

Non-stop hugging and sniffing before leaving for the airport. That’s what happens when the grandmother is so attached to her apo. Theo is oblivious to my drama because he’s only 2. And he will never remember our bonding together from his birth to today.

My husband anticipated what was coming. He told my daughter iyakan na ito. He saw me kasi earlier and I was already in tears.
It’s so hard to say bye-bye to this young fellow. Hugging him is stronger than the effects of 1,000 mg of multivitamins. It makes me happy. It’s not the kind of happiness where you jump up and down. It’s a quiet kind of contentment.

Non-stop hugging July 4, 2024

We haven’t left the house and I was already looking forward to coming back. Ano ba yan? Iba na ang panahon. Ibang-iba paglola ka na.


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