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July 5, Sunday

I cooked Adobong Tuna Belly for lunch.

adobong bangus belly

Gave ECY a haircut in the afternoon.   I didn’t take a photograph of his bumbunan kasi baka awayin ako. It was easy handling his hair because it was so light.   Kakaunti na kasi buhok nya.  I didn’t count them but medyo marami-rami pa rin, baka aabot pa sa 70th birthday nya –  mga pito.

Watered the potato my son planted sometime in April.

potato plant
Healthy daw plants pag dinilig ng pinaghugasan ng bigas.

July 6, Monday

Sushi for dinner


Oyen baked cheese bread

July 7, Tuesday

Chicken cooked in pineapple for dinner

chicken pineapple

Oyen and Edmund were doubtful at first if chicken and pineapple go together, Yes they do, and this is the proof. It’s delicious.

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