Most Expensive Houses for Sale

July 1
Nalilibang ako looking at houses on, Trulia, Homesnap, etc. and watching on Hulu or Netflix the Architectural Digest’s feature on celebrity houses. Some are for sale at $55,000,000 and $95,000,000. Meron pang $195,000,000. Meron daw bargain $35,000,000.

I saw online a beautiful house with a picturesque view of the water in Tiburon, Califronia for sale. Look at the view.

Tiburon house

This house in Henderson near Las Vegas has an airconditioned basketball court.

Let’s watch this video I found on Youtube by Finding your Oasis:

It says that Buckingham Palace is for sale at $2.9B. China can very well afford that. But I don’t know if this info is accurate. I don’t think the British people would sell their history and heritage. This is their pride. And it would be a grave mistake if they would sell this to a foreign country.


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