Jan 6, 11:43 am

I have just started wrapping gifts. The hassle part is the delivery or distribution.

12:04 pm
Instead of making him sit in front of my desk, I let Sonny, Makati Ford’s service department manager, to sit on the sofa while I sat 10 feet away.

12:59 pm
Face shield, check!

1:23 pm Bought puto kutsinta for Oyen
puto vendor

1:34 pm
My husband gave me a 2021 planner from Starbucks. This is the perfect size for me.


He buys coffee everyday so getting freebies from Starbucks is easy.

Starbucks planner
Where did 2020 go? Life is like a spinning wheel. We’ll never know where we’ll land in 2022. I hope in a good and happy place.
1:51 pm Lunch at home
Malunggay powder over rice
malunggay powder


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