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It doesn’t sound sexy but I do have neck osteoporosis. What can I say… old woman.

My appointment last wednesday at the Bone Densitometry Unit at Cardinal Santos Medical Center was at 2:30 pm. I arrived at 2:10 pm. I was told that those in charge were in a meeting. They appeared after 5 minutes and processed my request. I was told to take a sit while they prepare the machine. There were no seats available nor a floor to stand on, the whole room was filled to the rafters. I asked her how long it would take so I could calculate my time, she couldn’t say, I said “fifteen minutes?” She nodded. With that, I walked to the washroom which was some 50 meters away and washed my hands. While I was washing, my phone started ringing but I couldn’t answer it right away. I hurriedly dried my hands and answered the call. It was the technician at the BMD looking for me. She asked “mam asan kayo” and she claimed they had called me twice already. I told her I just went to wash my hands and I am walking back. She said since they’ve called twice already, they will bump me up to 3 pm. Nagalit ako. Di ba bad mood ako lately?
I told her, I was there at 2:10 pm and she was not there, She told me 15 minutes and it’s not even 10 minutes. Kasi daw she called twice. I snapped back “I don’t care!”
Technician—- “mam, ikaw ba yung black ang bag?”

They immediately attended to me when I showed up, seconds after she called.
She apologized and I accepted. Naalala pala nya ako the last time I didn’t want to have mammogram kasi masakit. Siguro sabi eto na naman yung masungit na ale.

Bone Densitometry test machine

Bone Densitometry Test Room

I got the results yesterday, and alam ko na naman na meron na talaga akong osteoporosis except that I haven’t made any effort to seek for medical intervention.

Bone Densitometry Test Result

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