Nuuk Hotel’s Interior Furnishings

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April 20, 2022

After we’ve placed our bags in Room #1, I walked back to the original vacation house of Katleya Nielsen’s family now called NUUK Taal Boutique Hotel.

Nuuk Hotel
a]The furniture are original to the house. The mother is an avid collector of Asian furnishjngs and the items here are part of her vast collections.   The owners replaced the expensive art paintings with prints when they decided to welcome the public into their abode.

Every corner of the house is a showcase of the owner’s expensive taste.

An acquaintance of my husband gifted us two giant porcelain jars similar to theirs.  We are afraid to remove them from the wooden crates.  When Insaw Nuuk’s few pieces openly displayed onnthe floor, maybe we could do the same thing.  Maybe it’s alright to didplay them in the living room.  But wait,  I am going to have an apo soon, in one year the toddler could be climbing, bumping, kncking down my decors.  Oh no!   I think I’ll just keep the jars secure in the crate.

When my apo turns 12 at saka ko na lang idi-display yung giant jars namin.

I like the idea of using small clay bricks as ceiling.    Very nice.


Nuuk furniture


Growing up, our table was made of natural wood. Parang ang tibay-tibay. It was rectangle and could conveniently sit 10 people. Then nauso yung bilog (round). My mom was relentless in asking my father to replace our table with a round one with a lazy Susan at the center.

I have here at our house a small 36″ diameter round wooden table from my father. I made bilin to my daughter to keep it with her, huwag ipamigay or i-garage sale.

Oh my buhay here is an admirer of massive wooden tables. I imagine people who care and respect each other gathered around, laughing, conversing, and enjoying their meals together. If I have both money and space I will be a table hoarder.


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