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1. I have always wanted to buy a clothes steamer ever since but never did because I knew the maids would just accidentally destroy it.
My daughter bought one the other day. It’s the same brand as the one used by some boutique shops. It removes the clothes’ creases fast and easy. No worries too that the maid would burn sensitive fabrics.
It also disinfects the pillows, comforters and blankets.

clothes steamer

2. The maid fried the tuna fish tail (buntot ng tuna) directly from the freezer kaya hayun, frozen pa yung loob. She forgot my instruction the day before to bring it out and keep in the ref to thaw. We sliced it and fried it again.
tuna fish tail

3. I’ve been waking up at 5:00 am lately. I took this photo yesterday morning. At 5:30 am the sun was already shining brightly. For some reason, the minute my eyes caught a glimpse of its rays, I felt a renewed hope and new beginning.
morning sun at 5:30 am

The early morning sun peeking thru our neighbor’s trees.

early morning sun peeking thru the trees

4. I don’t wait till I run out out perfume to wear. I always have a bottle or two in stock. Mahirap kasi dito bumili kasi mas mahal.
I’ve finished a bottle a couple of days ago and it’s time to open a new one. Oyen bought this in Paris last year when she and her friends went to Iceland. They stayed in Paris for a few days en route to Manila.
new bottle of perfume

This is smaller pala from my previous one. This should last for a few months.
a new bottle of perfume

5. Edmund and I went on a picnic-picnikan last saturday morning. We didn’t have baon. Nagpautos lang kami bumili ng pancit canton from a nearby restaurant. Walang lasa, puro mantika lang. Next time we will prepare our own baon, para talagang tunay na picnic.
dahon ng saging and pancit canton

6. Our coconut tree was hit by lightning last week, at 2 pm. At that same moment, one kilometer away, meron daw babae na nagkakaraoke na tinamaan rin ng kidlat habang umaawit. She died instantly. #restinpeace
dark clouds above

7. Along Aguinaldo Hway, there are many Globe – sponsored store signage.
Bring back the old tradition of putting the exact address of the store on the fascia board or signage.

Globe sponsored store signage

Lando’s tailoring shoe accepts repair.
Lando's tailoring

8. We stopped to buy sorbetes. Probinsya pa rin ito kasi meron pang limang piso nasa apa. I didn’t like his ice cream cart. It’s modern. There’s no character. No art. No handpainting.
limang piso sorbetes

9. There’s a stretch somewhere in Cavite with heavy duty steel railings in the center of the road (island). Some areas are damaged already, tanggal na. They are nice but totally impractical and a waste. We think this is a total waste of the city’s money that could have been used instead for health, education, yung mas makabuluhan.
steel railings in the middle of the road

10. We lost at least an hour from slow moving traffic. We couldn’t go home to freshen up and change before going to church. We went straight to mass but we stayed outside kasi I was wearing slippers. Alam ko bawal ang naka tsinelas.
attended mass outside,  CTK


  1. Hello Ms. Annie! Natuwa ako nang makita ko na marami ka na ulit posts! 😉 Ganun din po ang naiisip ko sa mga center islands. Alam nyo nabubulok na ang ilan sa mga rails. Sayang nga kasi malamang napakamahal ng ginasto sa mga yon. Sa isang bayan nga sa Cavite, ilang beses tinibag at ginawa uli ang ganyang klase ng island. Sus! Napakasayang! Wish ko lang (matagl nang wish) gumawa na lang ang local government ng park na may magandang garden, fish pond/fountain, bike/jogger’s trail heaven yon sa mga maraming manggagawa na piniling sa Cavite bumili ng kanilang mga tahanan. Lalo na at maraming joggers/runners na tulad ko ang tumatakbo tuwing walang pasok, ganundin ang mga bikers (marami sa kanila ay teenagers).

  2. Hi Cecile,
    I fully agree with you. I also wish for the same thing to happen here in our country. I envy the other countries. It’s in their charter to include parks, playground, community halls, sports facilities in their community development.

    Kesa multi-kulay na plastic na lamp posts from China at sabit-sabit na borloloy sa kalye, dapat gamitin ang pera sa isang maayos at malinis na park for the residents’ enjoyment.

    Dapat mayaman at mahirap, merong maayos na mapupuntahan na ligtas at malinis. Puro shopping mall na lang ang pasyalan ng mga tao dito.

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