Part 2 of Sergio Aragones’ Life Story

Within two weeks after Sergio received a letter of acceptance from McLelan Company in San Francisco, he flew to America thru the fly-now-pay-later plan of Northwest Airlines with the help of Judge Antazo from Libid as guarantor.

Within weeks, he found a new girlfriend named Fely. She’s a Filipina staying with her relatives in SFO.

One afternoon, Sergio‘s co-worker Johnny hitched a ride with him from work and asked Sergio to drop him-off at a birthday party somewhere in the city.
Johnny —– “Sumama ka na rin sa akin”.
Sergio—— “Ayoko, nakakahiya at hindi ako nakabihis”.
Johnny—— “Bumaba ka muna at kumain”.

Sergio was not supposed to attend the party, but due to Johnny’s insistence, he got-off the car.
The garage had been converted into a dancing hall. As they walked closer, Sergio was instantly smitten,
“Ang ganda nung babae na yun”. But that girl already had a partner who was standing beside her.

Sergio—- “Nung tumugtog ang cha-cha, lumapit ako sa kanya at isinayaw ko sya”.
While dancing, he did not waste any time getting all the informations
“Anong pangalan mo?” —–
Anong apelyido mo?

When Sergio asked for her address, she did not say anything.
When he asked for her telephone number, she didn’t either.

Sergio—-“Hindi ko sya mapwersa na ibigay yung address at telepono. Ang feeling ko talaga ay kami ang magka bagay. Paano ko kaya sya makikilala, parang kami ang magiging mag-asawa”.

He got all the telephone books and looked for Ignacio.
Sergio—-“Ang daming Ignacio, ilang pahina, paano kaya, sino itong mga ito, ang daming Ignacio”.
Sergio was totally smitten, he had to find Lydia. He just picked one telephone number from the hundreds and dialled it. A young girl, about 10 years old, answered.

Sergio—–“Talagang kami ang magkapalad dahil sa dami ng telepono, yun ang pinili ko. Ang sumagot ay kapatid nya na bata si Teresita”.
He was able to speak to Lydia and insisted that he would go to her house to visit her. They were living in an apartment in San Francisco on 11th street.
Lydia—–“Sige, pumunta ka”.
Sergio brought flowers from Orchid’s nursery.
The mother of lydia was very strict and didn’t speak to him. Feeling awkward, Sergio didn’t stay long.

Everyday, Sergio called Lydia and he wanted to pick her up from Golden State Unviersity Hospital where she worked. Her mother wouldn’t allow her to go with Sergio because “hindi mo pa siya gaanong kilala”. He’s still a stranger.

On his third visit to Lydia’s house, her mother started asking him questions:
Mother—— “Taga saan ka ba?”
——- “Ano ba ang natapos mo?”
Sergio—— “Ako po ay agriculturist”.
Mother—– “Saan ka ba nagtapos?”
When Sergio told her he graduated from UP Los Banos, everything changed.
Apparently, Lydia’s mother wanted to be a nun and taught cathecism at UP. She had many good memories and friends at UP. So simula noon, vibes na sila ni Sergio.
Sergio—— “Hindi sya talaga ang tunay na ina ni Lydia, maliit pa si Lydia ay namatay na ang kanyang ina, nag-asawa uli ang kanyang ama”.

Lydia, now at aged 71. She was born in Sapang Bato, Angeles, Pampanga.
Lydia Aragones- ohmybuhay

Lydia was finally allowed to be picked up by Sergio from Golden State University Hospital.
After picking her up the fourth time, he drove to the Golden Gate Park and parked his car.

Sergio—– “Pinagyayapos at pinaghahalikan ko. Umiyak ng umiyak”.
Lydia—— “Isusumbong kita sa nanay ko”.
Sergio—– “HIndi sya makapagsumbong dahil sa takot na lalo syang makagalitan”.

Sergio totally forgot that he had a girlfriend in San Francisco before he met Lydia. Fely hailed from Bataan and was Sergio’s first girlfriend when he arrived in the US. Nalulungkot daw kasi sya sa America. One time Fely invited him to her birthday party. he brought Lydia along. Fely was so happy to see him but her smile was replaced with tears when she found out about Lydia. She moved to Canada and never went back to the US.

From then on, Lydia started bringing food to his office. She would skip work, ride the bus to go to South San Francisco where he worked. And sometimes, they would go to Sergio’s apartment kung saan nagka ayus ang buto-buto.

Lydia got pregnant in a few months and because Sergio truly loved her, he married her.
They were married at St. Joseph Church near 11th street on March 3, 1968, Lydia was 3 months pregnant.

One afternoon, Sergio and Lydia were riding home when Lydia noticed that there’s a bed spread at the back of the car. When she inspected it, the names SERGIO AND MEDY were embroidered in it. She got so jealous and opened the car’s door and wanted to jump-off the running car, to kill herself and the baby in her tummy.

And who’s Medy?
to be continued…


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