Popeyes tired employees

I went to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to grab quick food. When I arrived, there were about three customers in line ahead of me. I went to the toilet to wash my hands quickly. When I came back, the line hasn’t moved because there was no one at the cashier taking orders.

Popeyes July

Then came a good-looking employee named Patrick. His t-shirt looked soiled and stained with maybe flour or batter. I wasn’t sure if he was the cashier at first because he was not quick to greet the customer next in line. Usually here in America store employees are quick to say “Hi, how are you doing today?” or “May I take your order please?” He slowly approached the cash register while looking at the customer. He didn’t say a word, then quietly or meekly took her order.

I was now third in line. He took my order and gave me cups for the beverage because I ordered a combo.

When I went to get my drink, I noticed the dispenser was dirty and looked like it hasn’t been wiped clean for a while. The floor was wet too from liquid splatters.

Coca cola drink dispenser

There was no more ice coming out of the dispenser. Since Patrick was the only one at the counter and he was busy taking orders from the long line of customers which had reached the entrance door, I waited for the younger female staff who seemed busy serving to-go customers.
A—-“Excuse me miss, there’s no more ice”.
Patrick was quick to answer –“We already knew that since this morning”.

And why didn’t they refill the ice dispenser if they had known it since this morning?

The younger female staff took my cup and gave me ice.

I kept on looking at my watch. It had been 20 minutes and no one seemed to get my chickens. Patrick continued to whine saying he was tired and wanted to go home. I told the other customers waiting that “this guy should leave his job and just go home if he’s tired and grouchy”.

Popeyes customers and cashier

One more senior black lady came to refill the chicken tenders tray. I could hear her voice from the back directing Patrick and maybe she was more senior. She seemed nice and concerned about the customers and i could sense that she was trying to keep her cool.

Another African-American woman entered the work area and she probably came back from an hour break. She put on her apron and when she passed in front of the counter, I told to her “Hi, can you do my orders please?” You know what she said? “I just got here, I just literally walked in”. Oh, another grouchy employee. She too should just go home and retire. Feed her spinach.

And who among them would get my chickens? I was starving. I cancelled my next appointment already because this Popeye employees wasted half hour of my time already. I was inis na talaga and in disbelief that their employees are like this. What is this? American culture? Telling customers that they are tired and wanting to go home. Then go home.

The guy ahead of me ordered a lot of chicken tenders to go. Patrick was parang bad mood and nagdadabog when he was putting the chicken tenders inside the box. Some fell and he just didn’t care. Oh boy, this store better to replace all their employees or else they would lose money. I saw one girl throwing away overcooked chickens in the waste can.

When the guy told Patrick that he also ordered something else. Patrick retorted by saying that “instead of being rude….” What? the customer was not rude. He was just saying that he also ordered fries, etc.

Then I heard the younger staff saying that they’ve ran out of chickens.
BUT they didn’t inform their customers. We were wondering what was going on.
I could see a tray full of chickens. They could have told us “dear customers, newly cooked chickens would be ready in 10 minutes”.
They were aware that customers were not happy.

After about 15 minutes, at last, newly cooked chickens were placed on the rack. The black woman working in the kitchen yelled at Patrick to start servicing the orders and to stop taking in new orders. “Patrick, serve the chickens”. But this Patrick just kept on taking new orders. I approached him and asked him “can you serve my orders?” He said “No. I’m not doing it”. He said he’s going home. Someone else has to do it.
Wow, this guy should really just go home and stay home. I understand that he was probably been working there longer than he should’ve . But there are customers waiting. It took 37 minutes before I got my chickens.

Popeyes Louisian Fried Chicken, July 14, 2017

In a few minutes, I saw two huge Mexicans entered the kitchen. They probably came from an hour break.
One guy refilled the ice machine. The other one helped in the kitchen.

They should not let half of their staff take their lunch breaks at the same time. Their whole team should be given a re-orientation.



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  1. Hi Ms. Annie. What I know from experience, companies there are really good at putting too much workload in their people to raise more profit. This happens to a home care skilled nurse giving meds to 80-100 patients, tertiary hospital nurse giving care to 10 patients, restaurant workers multi tasking, having them work on their days off, everything to avoid giving benefits and paying for insurance, 401K… They’re availing for the services of Robots who are more predictable. However, Bill Gates proposed taxing Robots.

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