Muguette Renee French Boutique

This quaint fashion store in downtown Napa Valley caught my eye after I came out of the Antique shop just across the street. The words french boutique were enough to make me stop look and shop.

Muguette Renee Fench Boutique

Muguette Renee boutique in Napa,  July 13, 2017

I met the owner of Muguette Renee French Boutique in Napa Valley who was the one at her store. She’s naturally friendly most especially when she found out I am a Filipino. She said her first boyfriend in high school was a Filipino and even if they didn’t end up together, they’ve remained friends until now. He works at a big hotel in New York.

She was born in Indonesia, her father being an Indonesian and her mother, Dutch. She doesn’t look like she has Asian blood but she said her sister looks more of Indonesian with dark hair. She has many Filipino friends and used to live in Daly City where thousands of Filipinos reside. She enumerated our popular dishes in ten seconds.

She and her husband are retiring in ten years and this early, are thinking of the best places to retire. Their short list includes Indonesia and Philippines because of the generally lower cost of living. Or somewhere in Netherlands. I didn’t recommend that they retire in the Philippines. They haven’t lived there before, they haven’t even vacationed there before. It’s too much to handle if you’re not “Philippine savvy”. I encouraged them to come and have a short holiday.

muguette renee, owner

Her store is lovely and very girly of course. She said she opened in September 2016 and has since been expanding her merchandise that’s why she’s always away sourcing for something new to interest her buyers. There are several hotels that opened around the area and she said the place has been busy. Progress, jobs, more tourists, more income for the residents and the city are all good to hear. This is the kind of thing that we always want to hear everywhere we visit.

Muguette Renee scented candles

Muguette Rene fashion jewelry

Muguette Renee French Boutiqe,  Napa Valley

Muguette Renee boutique in Napa
bag and hat
Muguette Boutique,  bag and hat

Muguette Renee,  sleepwear

I bought a pink brown leather bag. It was instant love. It took me less than 5 minutes to decide. Even before I put the long strap, I already knew I was going to buy this bag.
bag from Muguette Renee

Muguette Renee pink bag

It is very light, no fancy hardware, and no thousand dollars premium for the brand. It’s manufactured in NY and not in China.
I paid $110 cash, all in.

Muguette Renee cross body ladies bag

Muguette Renee French Boutique &
Custom Perfume Blending Bar
1409 Second Street corner Franklin St.
Napa, CA 94559
Tel: (707) 816-9408


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