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I don’t watch Netflix everyday. And sometimes even if I want to watch, something goes wrong with our cable connection.
They have hundreds of movies but it’s seldom that I chance upon something that I find interesting and makes me sit through the end.

I recently watched The Mules starring Clint Eastwood and supporting role by Bradley Cooper. Having this two super guys make the movie a lot more interesting. And if you wesnt more convincing, then The Mules was produced and directed by no other then Clint Eastwood himself. The movie made me even paranoid about not riding or borrowing somebody else’s car, or letting someone ride with me, without me knowing what’s inside his/her bag.

Another movie I watched was I Care a Lot. There were parts that elicited anger in my heart but the storyline opened my eyes with the possibility that this could be happening.

I also watched August Rush. I don’t want to tell you what it’s about. It’s simple, light, a love story, and about music.

When I was a lot younger I watched movies that were suspense and scary. Ngayon, ayaw ko na. I want to relax and feel good that’s why I watch a movie. I don’t like to get tensed, scared, and be on the edge. Nung mag-boyfriend palang kami ni Edmund kahit horror movies pinapanood namin. All I needed to do was cover my eyes and my gallant boyfriend would lift his right arm and wrap it around me. Uyyy kilig. Ngayon, I bet he will not embrace me if he sees me watching a horror movie, he would instead yell at me. “Oh panood-nood ka ng nakakatakot tapos hindi ka makatulog!”

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