Shall I open a school?

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May 24, 2022, 11:53 am

I visited the small school I took over to check if the former owners and school administrator had already cleared it of old furniture, school chairs and desks, old books, files, supplies, and trash.

I only accidentally saw this school years ago when we couldn’t access the farm lot behind it. I entered the premises to ask for direction. At that time, the school was still fully operational with little children in their cute uniforms attending classes and teachers decorating the hallways. I spoke with the owner and met her daughters too who were there helping her manage the school.

Their plans got bigger by applying for K-12 accreditation. They wanted to expand up to high school which needed big commitments in terms of new facilities, manpower, and investments.   Some new requirements were a basketball court, library, IT room, and computer laboratory. They underestimated the amount of work and new capital needed. The number one drawback was the lack of dedication. The daughters were not interested to continue managing the school. It’s not their career path.  They didn’t see themselves growing old in this place.

The school deteriorated, enrollees dropped, and then the pandemic hit.

I am one person who spends many hours imagining things.   Dreaming and not taking any action.  To have a school is not something I had dreamed of nor wished for.   Yet, look at this.

I am standing here today with mixed emotions.   The green blackboard, the wooden school chairs, children’s books, etc.bring back a lot of nostalgia.  I am being transformed to my elementary days.

Spanning the small courtyard and facade of the small building I begin to wonder  “What does God wants me to do with this place? ”  Does he want me to continue the school?  That would be cute but oh no.  He knows I don’t have the passion for it.  Maybe if I am only 35 years old, not when I am looking forward to retirement.

I took over a small school

To have a school is both a vocation and devotion. To be able to help shape the minds of the young generation is a huge undertaking and responsibility. Sadly, I am not up to that challenge.


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