Someone I hated died08:25 AM Sunday December 20, 2020 |

I saw a post yesterday about someone who made it to my list of people I hated had recently died. He must be in his late 70s.

A common friend mentioned to me last year that this guy had been on oxygen for quite some time. I don’t know what was the cause of his death but I am guessing it must have been his lingering health problems.

I actually no longer hated him. I used to, but as years went by the intensity of my negative feelings towards him diminished over time.

I saw him once at a restaurant in their office building years ago when he was still malakas. He had a short chat with my ka lunch and of course he greeted me too. I didn’t snob him but I was just quiet. Our common friend knew how much I disliked this person but of course he was his friend too.

This guy slammed his body against my back after our board meeting and whispered to me that he’s been dying to put his dick inside me. He uttered some more words but I was frozen and my mind went blank. I was in my mid 30s then and not as vocal and confrontational as I am today. I just ignored him, gathered my belongings and left as if no sexual harrassment had happened. I didn’t report him to the bank officials who for sure would just shrug it off. They were all men and partners in c… I was shaking and felt really bad. I couldn’t explain the feeling but it was something that stayed with me, thus the HATE.

Last night, I got a viber post from our common friend announcing his death. I read it with mixed emotions. Shall I be happy this amorous ding-a-ling bully had left this world? I was trying to feel my emotions.
I am not happy that he is dead. I don’t wish people dead. I always pray for all humans to be healthy and not suffer from sickness or harm.
I am no longer angry at him. But have I forgiven him? Give me a few seconds to feel what’s in my heart…………………
I don’t know. He still owes me an apology. Recalling this still makes my blood pressure rise. But I promise that after this post, I will bury memories of him.

God rest his soul.

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