Tan Family Reunion Photos 2021

May 30, 2021

My belated birthday celebration coincided with a watered down version of the annual Tan Family Reunion. We took this chance to have a family gathering complete with the traditional t-shirts for every attendee.

family reunion

Oyen babysits her nephew Bryson, Kay’s first baby.

We are all getting older faster than we wish that’s why we no longer want to let time slip away without us getting together.

Kuya Lito slid down a few steps at his home and hit his head hard on the floor. I cried a bucket not sure of his condition. We were all dead worried. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers played a role in his speedy recovery. He got mad at a Filipino nurse and suddenly all his motors activated. It was actually funny. He lost weight because some of the medicines prescribed to strengthen his immune system are affecting his appetite. He should stop taking that particular medicine.

My siblings and I didn’t choose each other. We were put together by the heavens.   We were assigned the same parents.  In a way, I feel lucky that we all get along and treat each other with respect. We don’t fight. We hear stories of other families fighting. So far, we have no reason to fight.  The word competition also doesn’t exist among us.  All of us are by nature not competitive, maybe we got that trait from our parents.   There are pros and cons of being competitive.  You are prone to enviousness but you tend to be more ambitious and could be a lot more successful.    We are not.  We are in general content with who we are, what we have, what we are.    We are just happy for each other.

Evelyn is like a sister to us. I’ve known her for more than 40 years. She was our wedding abay. She’s also the ninang of Oyen or Nyke, my nieces and nephews. She’s our favorite person.

The doting lolo and lola. This baby is very lucky. Ang daming babysitters.

Years and years from now, when I would be too old to bend and sit, all would be left are memories of precious moments such as these. How I wish that Ka Cardo and Ka Felicing were still alive and well and could attend our gatherings too. After all, every Tan Family Reunion is held in their honor.
family group photo

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