The most expensive fish in the Philippines

A friend gave us Ludong, or pacific salmon, also called president’s fish. According to Edmund’s friend from the north, this ultra special fish is sold in the market for at least 6,000. I don’t know of any other fish or seafood that is sold for more than that. At 6,000 pesos a kilo? Ludong is by far the most expensive fish in Philippines.
most expensive fish
This fish  is not available in any market.  If you know someone from Cagayan Valley, or in the Cordilleras, maybe, just maybe,  he can find one for you.    Catching of Ludong is highly regulated due to the high demand.

Our maid cooked one whole and it tasted like ordinary bangus.   I didn’t find it special.  I think it’s the way our maid cooked it.  Maybe if someone from Cagayan cooked it, baka mas masarap. An expert in Ludong would be able to bring out its best flavor.

Paksiw na Ludong

A big thanks to our friend. We are now aware that there’s such a fish in existence.
I don’t see ourselves craving for Ludong kasi it’s too expensive.


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