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Dr. Edgar Eufemio ordered my son to go straight to his clinic in Megaclinic on the 5th floor of Megamall for change of sugat dressing and therapy (agad).
Medyo I was a bit uneasy because it’s just been less than a day after surgery but syempre we have to trust the doctor’s orders. Dr. Eufemio and his father are respected in the field of sports medicine. They are reputedly two of the best.

Their clinic is on the 5th floor, between Megamall Building A & B. It’s a long walk from any of the entrances. When we were about to get-off, my son couldn’t move because he was feeling nauseated and he was so maputla. Parang he was about to faint. I got off and asked the security guards where I could borrow a wheelchair, dun daw in front of Kenny Rogers. I walked and looked for Kenny Rogers. Duon pala sa gitna, rental of kiddie strollers. And they also have one wheelchair. Thanks God the one wheelchair was parked there. Eh pano kung meron ng nag rent?
Rental rate is P60 per hour. I pushed it to the exit where our van was waiting. sinakay ko ang anak ko then pushed him all the way to the elevator, then to the 5th floor.

Bigat ng anak ko.

The minute I saw the place, I told myself, I don’t want to come back here. Kasi ang daming tao. Medyo nakakahilo. No more extra chair to sit-down. Sympre maingay din.

We should not have come here. We should have told the doctor we would just go to Cardinal Santos. Eh dito daw ang clinic nya today.

We waited for an hour before my son was attended to. They changed his dressing.

Doctor told us to come back after two days but ayaw ko na nga ditong bumalik. He asked where we live, he’s asking us naman to go to his clinic and rehab center at the Fort! Ang layo naman nun, aakyat na naman ng building. I told him we prefer to go to Cardinal instead.

Nyke’s classmate in Xavier, Juls, was also there for his rehab.
We waited for almost an hour before a physical therapist came. I paid P300 for this session.

My son had therapy agad 15 hours after his operation. He was actually not feeling well. Frankly speaking, I regretted having brought him to Megaclinic straight from the hospital, less than 24 hours after his operation. He should be at home, resting. Dapat mga after two days na lang kami pumunta sa doctor.

The place was overflowing with people. sobrang alikabok pa dito sa loob.

While my son was having therapy, I followed up with the doctor the professional fees. Kasi nung sa Cardinal, when I asked him, dito na lang daw sa clinic babayaran.

Prior to the schedule of operation, they gave my son an estimate of costs- something like P150,000. We thought that’s all inclusive, yun pala eh……

After the surgery, when the nurse handed over to us the operating room bill, sabay pa kami ni Edmund na napadilat ang mata nung nakita namin yung total. Operating room pa lang eh P105,962 na. Tapos Edmund paid P3,000 for the room deposit. I paid another P1,700 for extras.

And some weird thing, I found this sheet of paper inserted in the survey form. I didn’t understand what this was for. I have paid for the remaining hospital bill kaya hindi ko na nabayaran ito. P100 charge for the professional fee of the surgeon, and another P100 for the anesthesiologist. Baka kako nagkamali ng sulat yung nurse or billing.

When the secretary of Dr. Eufemio gave me how much we’re going to pay, hindi lang nandilat ang mata ko, parang gusto kong maubo. Hay naku, ang laki naman. Parang umabot ng P250,000 ang nagastos. His secretary kept on saying, kasi daw we chose Cardinal Santos, mahal daw talaga. Had we chosen to have the operation done in Megaclinic (Megamall), baka daw P50,000 lang bayaran sa operating room. And she even told me they have a package for P100,000 all in. This is water under the bridge but for the sake of argument, I clarified “So sa P100,000 kasama na pati professional fees ng mga doctor”. She said yes. When I repeated my clarification, she said mga P120,000 daw, tapos she said mga P150,000 daw.

Iniisip ko kung ano yung scrub nurse. Ang mahal naman ng singil. I wanted to inquire about it sana but I might antagonize the doctor.
I issued a check for P133,500 and requested for a receipt. She’ll give it to us on our next visit.

We spent a total of two and a half hours in their clinic.

Before leaving Megamall , on our way out, I bought some snacks but Nyke was too faint and nauseated to mind the food.

Isinakay ko muna ang anak ko sa van, then the maid went back inside Megamall to return the wheelchair.

Nyke had difficulty climbing two floors. Slowly and pagapang.
He threw up as soon as he reached his bathroom.

I replaced all the pillow cases again, the bedsheet, his blanket, plus I cleaned again the sipit sipit around his bed.


  1. This should be reported to the BIR. No wonder they wanted to bill you at their office and not through the hospital – because the doctors don’t want to pay their income taxes. Look here, at the hospital they charge only P100 professional fees, yet the total that they charged you in the clinic is already P117K!

    Doctors should NOT be exempt from paying income taxes. Just like everyone else, they need to pay taxes on the privilege to earn income here.

    1. They issued us BIR official receipts yesterday when I went to their clinic.
      I fully agree with you that we should all pay taxes, including doctors.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Scrub Nurse is the one assisting the Surgeon while he’s doing the surgery sa son mo. It’s either katabi sya or katapat ng Surgeon. Aside from the Scrub Nurse, meron din Surgical Technologist assisting the Surgeon. Meron din Circulating Nurse inside the O.R. (not scrubbed).
    Yes, expensive nga ang O.R., depende sa case and how long ang surgery. I’m wondering bakit may PF yun Scrub Nurse?! It’s absurd!

    Maybe you already know this – most of the time, yun PF ng Drs. depende sa hosp. room rate. ( I stand corrected if this is not true) Ang hirap ano? esply. for those patients na naka -admit for too long.

    My husband who works for a Bay Area Transit company as a Locomotive Mechanic had a Total Knee replacement in 2006 and 2007 here at Stanford Med. Center. His Ortho. Surgeon is Dr. C. Mow ( Erap’s Surgeon) 24 hrs. after his surgery, may P.therapist na agad sa room nya to move his leg and adjust those machines attached to his leg and he was forced to walk!! Sobrang sakit, napapasigaw sya while biting his blanket. I know walking after the surgery is good to get rid of anesth.
    Then, after 3 days he was transfered to a Rehab. facility ( room and board)
    3x a day ang therapy. Napapasuntok sya sa bed sa sobrang sakit!!
    After a week in the rehab facility, one therapist went to our house for consult and prescribed another 3 weeks of therapy to another facility ( from hosp. to Rahab to Satellite Therapy facility = 3 locations na)
    I was always with him during those painful days. My husband is doing OK now, and rin nawala ang pagka-sakang nya! Sometimes may feeling na nagla-lock ang knees nya for 30 seconds – painful.
    By the way, our health insurance (United Health Care) paid 100% of his hospital / rehab / therapy and mobility devices. Thank you sa insurance!!

    Dr. C. Mow requires my husband to see him annually with Xrays taken within a week of his appt. date. ( or to call his clinic anytime if there’s a problem with his knees)
    Sana your son had annual check-up with Xrays sa first Surgeon nya para nakita yun problem agad sa bone.
    Please assure your son na he will feel much better very soon. 🙂
    Please take care Annie.

  3. My husband had ACL repair of his left knee plus medial meniscus tear repair, in the medical city last year (injury also due to basketball). Total bill reached almost 300k. Buti na lang his company shouldered it otherwise isusumpa ko talaga ang basketball. Hahaha!

  4. Hi Annie, if i may know what is your son’s injury terminology called? We could be similar it seems in the foot also? And your real doctor is Dr. Edgar Eufemio so who is Dr. Yap – just an assistant in the surgery?

    Anyway I just want to know how were treatments done like was he advised to go PT sessions first, then maybe PRP, then surgery is always the last to consider. Thanks and hoping for your kind reply 🙂

    I had my doctor in MakatiMed but i’m looking for a 2nd opinion. I had my pt and prp in mmc and it didn’t work and i’m losing hope very painful walking everyday 🙁

    1. Hi Jansen,

      His first ankle operation was done in St. Luke’s by Dr. Canlas. Then after two years I think, it started to hurt again. He went to Dr. Eufemio, Cardinal Santos. The MRI showed the bone had grown but was sticking out and there was also a round bone that’s floating. He went under the knife again. That part of his ankle has remained swollen and my son is still experiencing some pains.
      For a more accurate information, I will ask my son to answer your queries instead. I am not really sure about the correct terminologies. He is still asleep, I will ask him to contact you as soon as possible.

    2. Ankle, Micro-fracture surgery- first operation done by Dr. Canlas, 2009
      followed by 2x a week therapy for 3 months, — ankle flexibility

      Ankle Arthroscopy- second operation done by Dr. Eufemio, 2014
      removal of loose bodies, floating bones, that developed after the first surgery.

      The bone has grown back which is causing some pain.
      He did rip 60 program for 2.5 months.
      Had an Hyaluronic Acid injection (lubrication for the joints).

      His ankle and joint still hurt. The area remains swollen.

  5. Ms. Annie pinagtake ba siya ng Genacol Collagen capsules Is it safe and effective daw yun? or anong pinainom?

    1. He didn’t take any collagen. The only medication was antibiotic.
      He also took some pain relievers after the operation.

  6. ah i see try nya rin baka makatulong i’m using it currently it was prescribed by dr. eufemio and some other drs. na napuntahan is an over the counter food supplement but the thing is very expensive around P21 per capsule you take 3 in the evening so you spend around 1,800 for 1 month use

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