The bus climbed the highest peak in Santorini and I couldn’t help but scream when it maneuvered inches away from the cliff. Sobra akong nerbyosa.

greece 1222

We didn’t join the rest of the group who climbed up to the base of the tower. The view must be nice but it was nicer to be under a shade.
greece 1216 Thira

All I could say about this trip was that it was burning hot. I didn’t even want to look at the view. I just wanted to have a few photos then run to the shade.
greece 1219 Thira

greece 1220

greece 1223 Edmund

We were bathing in UV rays.
greece 1233 ECY and ACTY
I wanted lemonade but the only thing available were fruits. I bought grapes and instead of giving me sukli, she gave me another fruit.
greece 1236 fruit vendor
I forgot what’s this called. Lourdes said this is good for the body. It tasted mushy. Hindi ko type. The grapes were matabang.
greece 1238

They grow their grapes low to the ground, unlike in other countries.
greece 1240 grape tree

I no longer found the views interesting because all I could think of was to get out of there fast because it was too hot.
greece 1239


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One thought on “Thira

  1. Hi Ms Annie.. i think the fruit u were referring to is called FIG..

    Thanks for sharing these pics, even if we cannot afford to travel to Santorini, ur photos were good enough for me, para na din akong nakarating dun.. i love ur photos as a couple..

    i guess in the midst of the imperfections u mentioned in ur recent blog abt PERFECT MARRIAGE, ur being in Santorini at the exact time those photos were taken of u and Edmund, that in itself is what i would call a PERFECT MOMENT.. 🙂

    I guess it all depends on other people’s perspectives.. 😉

    God bless u and Edmund and the family always, Ms Annie.. Stay happy and healthy and BLESSED…

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