In 2009,  I started giving away trees with the thought that thru these trees, I would still be doing some good to the environment long after I am gone.

The trees would continue to grow and

protect its surroundings from  heat,

provide shelter to birds,

give out oxygen,

bear fruits for people to partake, etc.

Due to my limited resources,  I have so far distributed just a few thousand.  I bought the trees from the Manila Seedling Bank.  The prices ranged  from P10 a tree to P80.  About 2,000 went to some Barangays in Binangonan Rizal.

We’ve so far planted mahogany, carabao mango, narra, ipil, yakal, langka, buko, guyabano, chico, etc.

The Barangay Captains helped me distribute the trees to the different barangays.

Happy trees,  ye hey !

I encourage all of you to plant at least  one tree before 2011 ends.  That would be 100,000,000  additional trees.   Okay,  please plant more than one because others would not care to do so.


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