In love with Louis Vuitton


I used to abhor the monogrammed bag of Louis Vuitton and never really thought of owning one.  I am the kind of person who is not gaya-gaya.  They are everywhere,  in the subway in NY,   train from Guangzhou to HK, flights from Manila to SFO,  during Holy Communion.  I enjoy watching the women parade with their prized possession,  fake or not.    I have spotted some Asians (Filipinos included), travelling with complete set,  man and wife, handbag and carry-on, scarf and jacket- truly elving-elvi.

I have a very nice LV passport holder,  blue epi leather.  It was a gift from a friend some 10 years ago.  I no longer use it because  immigration officers got irritated when I presented my passport,.  They always removed my passport from the LV holder.

One of life’s joy that doesn’t cost a thing is “libre tingin”.

I have always enjoyed inspecting merchandises in every LV showroom  and in all expensive brands like Prada,  Bally, Gucci, Hermes, Balenciaga, Salvatorre Ferragamo, Chanel that I visited.

I do it with so much passion that when you witness how I check out their stuff,  I am very much  in the moment,  para talagang bibili ako right there and then.

The other day,  while waiting at the doctor’s clinic,  my daughter and I were staring at an LV bag of one of the patients.  She looked so dressed-down with fancy borloloy  so we couldn’t really match her bag with her day’s look.   She was wearing a Coach tsinelas which my daughter said it’s the real thing.  So based on the tsinelas,  my daughter concluded that the LV bag is authentic.  It looked real though.   (photos to follow)


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  1. It’s cheaper to buy LV in Greenhills, but fake, nobody can tell. They all look the same. Ha Ha!

  2. We read your blog the equivalent of 3 times every week to read through the newest items you will have.

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