Trial by Fire on Netflix

Funny because while vacationing in California for three solid months, I never got to watch a single Netflix movie. I was busy doing whatever. By the time I got to relax, which would be close to midnight, I would either be too tired, too sleepy, too distracted, to have the urge to sit down in front of the tv.

I bave  only been back in Manila for two weeks exact and I’ve seen several movies already. Last night I watched Trial by Fire.

It’s about a father of three babies who was wrongly accused and convicted of setting his house on fire killing his three little children.

Since he has a reputation of being a troublesome person (bad boy) the whole community just concluded that he intentionally killed his babies. From the fire investigators to his neighbors, they all believed their lies and gave untruthful testimonies.

Trial by Fire is a true story that’s why it made me very sad.
Naawa ako dun sa father. A lawyer and another female friend tried to help him prove his innocence but the board of parole and the Texas governor would not even bother to read the letters and proofs to open his case, and have a new trial to prove his innocence. He wasn’t given a chance.

Seconds before he was put to death, he denied killing his children and  requested to cremate his body and spread his ashes on his babies’graves.

Trial by Fire Official Trailer


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