Burnt, Shawshank Redemption, and other movies

Every day I watch CNN and House Hunters. Sometimes I also watch Flip or Flop, Master Class by Tarek El Moussa, Property Brothers, and BBC /Earth. Edmund and I like Martha Stewart’s garden in Martha’s Knows Best but we rarely chance upon its telecast.

My husband, when by himself, watches either golf or NBA basketball only. So when I want to watch something else I first ask “pwede ko bang ilipat?”. When I want to watch a movie, I will say “let’s watch a movie”. If it’s still midday he doesn’t object but when it’s between 7 pm and up, he would say “naku inaantok na ako, ikaw na lang.”

1. THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION —– starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. This movie received several Oscar nominations namely: Writing (Screenplay), Film Editing, Best Picture, Sound, Cinematography, Music (Original Score), Actor in a Leading Role (Morgan Freeman). An innocent bank vice president (portrayed by Tim Robbins) was given a back-to-back double life sentence for the alleged murder of his wife and her golf-pro lover. He’s actually innocent.

2. BURNT——starring Bradley Cooper who plays a two Michelin-starred chef Andy Jones who got hooked on drugs but is now trying to recoup his fallen grace and wants to fulfill his dream of getting his third Michelin stars. Those who like fine dining will appreciate this movie. I will watch any movie starring Bradley Cooper and I also like fine dining so this movie is perfect for me.

3. A FAMILY MAN —– starring Gerard Butler as a hot-shot corporate head hunter who spends his time and attention focused on being the best corporate executive until something happens to his son that changed the course of his path for the better.

4. LET HIM GO ——– Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. Kevin plays Mr. George Blackledge, a retired sheriff whose son died. Their daughter-in-law remarried and Diane Lane (Mrs. Blackledge) accidentally saw her being maltreated by the new husband. She also witnessed the guy hitting her grandchild. I didn’t like the sad ending.

5. THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS — a documentary / a true story on how 3 identical brothers amazingly found each other when they were 19 years old.

6. STATE OF PLAY — This star-studded movie made my husband sit up straight and not snore the whole time which is a rare occurrence. . Ben Affleck stars as a congressman and his college best friend played by Russel Crowe is an investigative journalist. Helen Miller is the boss of Russel Crowe and Rachel Adams is his newbie co-worker. Russel Crowe investigates the murder of the congressman’s mistress.

A——“Nakakatipid ang mga lalaki ngayon, libre na lang ang sine, hindi na kailangan ang popcorn.”

Movies #1 and 2— Edmund watched with me from beginning to end.
#3 I watched alone. #4 He watched the beginning. #5 I watched alone. #6 He watched with me, a few times he dozed off.

I discovered a new series— Grand Designs. I have seen 4 episodes so far. This is for people who are interested in the intricacies of building a house of your dreams.


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  1. thank you for these movie suggestions. we watched family man last night. good movie!

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