Tribu Grill & Coco Martin

From St. Joachim, Aileen and I had lunch at the Filipino restaurant in Union City called TRIBU GRILL.
This is my second time here. The first time was a few years ago.

It’s ideally located right beside the Century 25 cinemas.






Aileen ordered Pancit Palabok. It was served cold and looked like it’s been sitting there for a while. I asked the server if it was newly prepared, she said yes which I did not believe. The palabok noodles were already dikit-dikit at korteng puwit nung pinggan.


This Binagoongan Rice is supposed to be one of Tribu‘s best sellers or pambato ‘ika nga. It was beautifully presented or plated. In my opinion, this dish needs improvement in the taste. Kulang na kulang siya sa lasa. Considering that it had so many ingredients, wala siyang wow on the first bite. The pork had no taste, there’s no bagoong taste either.
It’s not a bad dish, it just needs some improvement.


Lechon Kawali. This dish is actually very easy to prepare. You don’t need much skill to come out with a perfect tasting lechon kawali. However, theirs is lacking in taste. Again, the dish is not bad, it needs a little improvement.



From Tribu, we walked to the adjacent Century 25 because Aileen wanted to watch the Pinoy movie “Born to Love You” featuring Coco Martin and Angelique Quinto.


We could not find any poster or information about this Pinoy movie.


We were told to inquire from the customer service, but there’s no customer service.


We could not find any poster of Born to Love You. I saw Spiderman though. Could this be Coco Martin in disguise?


Aileen saw a Filipino cleaner who works there. The guy said wala daw yung Born to Love You, kasi they’re showing the more popular ones.


Still, Aileen did not give up, she went to the ticket counter.


The ticket lady did not know anything at all. She’s just there to man the ticket booth. Totally useless asking her.


Aileen really wanted to watch Coco Martin, she saw the trailers. She would just Google to get info.


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