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Dec 4

My husband warns me that I will need some big adjustments when I get home. Sya raw up to now he is still adjusting to his new environment.

My first big challenge is to clear my bathroom of the growing clutter.

My bathroom is full of clothes. Clothes I don’t wear for some reason to another. I’ll start by sorting them out— those to keep vs those to give. However it was far from easy because last February I already did a lot of giving away so most of my clothes left here are supposedly for keeping.

I don’t know where to begin. Trying to get organized is overwhelming.

Game plan— reduce.  I will fill this boxes with dresses that don’t meet my waistline requirement.  This is a good start.
empty boxes
My 13-year-old bathroom is in disarray.  I peeled-off a portion of the wall paper because I saw ipises crawling on that area.    There are lots of stains that can no longer be removed.

Game  plan #2— I will have the wall paper scraped off and paint the walls with ordinary semi-gloss paint.  No more wall paper in bathrooms from now on.

Hay, ipises  kakainis.    How can I get rid of them completely?  My husband suggests to remove my giant bathtub because he suspects they are hiding underneath the tub.

As long as I am able to pour the alcohol directly on them, that more or less guarantees their timely demise. But hundreds more are probably lurking somewhere and they keep multiplying. I don’t remove them from the floor kasi I find it disgusting. Nakikilabutan ako. The husband is the official ipises pukpuker and thrower.


  1. Miss Annie, try Advion cockroach gel bait. Meron sa Amazon. It’s super effective! My condo in Makati had a roach problem. I used Advion and I never saw ipis again. Re-apply it every 3 mos. Maybe get 10 tubes since your house is big.

      1. You should apply it in hidden areas of your house, tiny cracks etc. It’s in gel form and it has a syringe so it can be applied in sulok of your house na di accessible nung pets. Behind your cabinet etc. There are youtube video tutorials for it. It can eliminate your roaches in 1 week. It worked really great for me. I have a dog and a cat and non toxic naman siya for pets if ingested a tiny bit.

  2. Madame Annie,
    Why don’t you use your beautiful plates and cups everyday and enjoy them both tactile and visual delight.Instead of just letting them collect dust.Get rid of all your ordinary platters and actually experience your gorgeous collection!If one,two or a dozen breaks…oh well…Use a set and change every week or month.When I was able to acquire a very small amount of quality plates,I gave away the cheap stuff and never looked back.Now when I eat a plain toasted bread my experience gets elevated since I placed it on such an exquisite thing of beauty.

    1. Hi Gia,

      We use my plates, even those that are rare pieces and are considered collector’s items. I just don’t post every photo. Some of my 100 year old rare dessert plates are used by the maids. Some are lost or missing. There are rare porcelain pieces in the dirty kitchen. We rotate the plates but not very often because I feel lazy bringing the plates out. Our every day plates are not so ordinary. I don’t actually buy for collection. I buy with every intention of using each piece. Those that I haven’t used, end up in the boxes or cabinet only because I have no more space in the kitchen / dining room, and I feel lazy to use them. Thanks Gia for your observation and suggestion.

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