Dirty and sticky tea cups10:28 PM Thursday December 17, 2020 |

Dec 5

I checked my tea cups and other breakables and oh my they are so dusty. Even if our windows are kept closed, the dust penetrates the gaps and even inside the cabinets. Not only my pieces are dusty, but they are sticky as well which I very well suspect is caused by the air pollution. We live right at the center of Metropolis and sandwiched by main thoroughfares that are inundated by automobiles every day.

Tea cups

Richard Gnori platter, a gift to me from my kids. They bought it in Milan at a department store near our hotel in June 2014. I have become so forgetful now, unlike before when I could remember where I bought every tiny decor I have. It’s important that I write down the history or provenance of my stuff most especislly those there are gifts to me by my children, whether they cost one dollar or a thousand, I cherish them.

tea cups

tea cups collection

I bought this cobalt blue crystal punch bowl and cups set some 28 years ago. I can’t recall 100% If I bought this at the Frankfurt International Furniture and Furnishings Fair in Germany in 1993. I will verify this information with my sister because she was with me during that trip.
blue crystal set

They are sticky, not dusty but sticky, maybe from the humidity.
blue crystal cups

I cleaned them one by one then I wrapped them in tissue paper.   I just want to keep this where it’s safe.   I’ll probably give this to my daughter.  I don’t think this is her style but I will make bilin not to garage sale because it’s valuable. I still remember how much I paid for this and hindi sya presyong pang garage sale.
cobalt blue crystals