After the gender reveal ritual, my husband said sayang naman daw ang bihis ko kung uuwi na kami agad. Abah eh kita nyo naman puting-putinang pantalon ko, bihira lang mangyari yon.

We went to UCC Vienna Cafe in Corinthian Hills, hayan, nadapa pa ako sa hagdan. Nasubsob ako.  My husband blamed me kasi daw I wasn’t paying attention, kuha ako ng kuha ng pictures.
10:15 am
UCC Vienna Cafe
The excited mom-to-be.

I prefer large printed menu than QR code.

10:43 My experience in UCC ever since has always been “slow”. You cannot come here if you are in a hurry.

11:14 am

When I first discovered their seafood salad, I couldn’t finish one plate. It was overflowing with lettuce, shrimp tempura, fried scallops, etc. Two people could share. The kumonti na ng kumonti yung servings. Today, parang lalo pang kumonti.


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