We only did two churches this year,  unlike in previous years 12-14.

We first visited the  church in Antipolo City.

“La Virgen dela Paz y Buen Viaje” or the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage was canonically crowned on November 26, 1926.  The church became the Japanese army’s garrison during the war.  The Sacristan Mayor hid the Brown Virgin Maria and brought her to safer grounds.

Station of the Cross

My son,  contemplating?  praying? or merely resting?

Candles were sold by the vendors situated just before the church grounds.

I noticed that those who flocked to Antipolo on foot were a lot slimmer,  meaning they

are getting younger and younger.  Well,  younger people have more energy and

enthusiasm.  They are with their barkadas,  families,  kaya they don’t feel tired walking uphill.

My son calculated that there could be a million people who joined this year’s  Holy Thursday tradition of pilgrimage to Antipolo

Christ the King Church, Greenmeadows, Quezon City
There were many vendors outside the CTK.  My husband couldn’t resist the balut.  It’s P15 a piece.  Notice some of the eggs have line marks.  Those are PENOY,  same price P15.


(photos disappeared)


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