One time Philippines, Inc. hosted a luncheon in honor of a senator at the Tower Club, I was tasked to give the Invocation. I want to share this with you. I must have copied this from a prayer booklet.

Dear Lord,

May everything we do begin with the spirit of understanding, truth and peace.

Guide the members of Philippines, Inc.  so that we will stand for all just authority against violence, injustice and misdeeds, and will use all proper means to exercise the talents you have given us to aid mankind.

Lord, you have given (name of guest speaker) the great responsibility of being in authority over our fellowmen.
Help him always to act fairly and justly. Keep him from abusing his authority. Grant him wisdom and guidance in all his actions and decisions so that they will be for the common good.

Thank you Lord and please bless all of us here with strength of mind, body and spirit, Amen.


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