We Walked from Pier 41 to 102:24 PM Tuesday July 03, 2012 |

At least a hundred bikers were allowed to go board the ship first, but they were the last to leave the boat. Most of these bikes were rented.


The ship sailed at exactly 3:30 pm but for some reason, it was already 5 pm when we reached Pier 41. Aileen said we picked up some people from Tiburon. I was asleep most of the time that’s why I didn’t know that the boat de-toured.


We got off at Pier 41 and my sense of direction told me that we’re a few minutes away from the Ferry Market Building in Embarcadero where Hog Island Oyster Restaurant is. I told Aileen that we’ll just walk, so we walked, and walked, and walked past the many restaurants and stalls,





Pier 39 is one big gimmick place. It has many restaurants, shops and bars.




Thre’s a park tucked between buildings infront of Pier 4


I didn’t realize that the Ferry Building is so far away from Pier 41. We’ve been walking for more than half-hour and we’re not yet there. Napasubo kami ng lakad.

We stopped for a while and entered a store specializing in garden pin wheels


We were able to reach the Hog Island Oyster Restaurant at 6:15. We must have walked for almost an hour. They closed at 6 pm impunto. We missed it by 15 minutes. Sayang I’ve been craving for their clam chowder ever since we arrived from Manila.

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