What can you do to help America?11:24 PM Thursday February 11, 2021 |

One way Americans can help America and co-Americans is to start inspecting the labels on the products they are buying. A few examples:

Ginger— Imported from China

Garlic— Imported from China

Salted eggs —- Imported from China

Kitchen rags —- Made in China

Face masks —– Made in China

Socks —- Made in China

Christmas decors —- Made in China

Toothbrush —- Made in China

Plastic broom —- Manufactured in China

Instead of buying canned Mandarin oranges produced in China, buy fresh fruits that are planted and harvested in the US. California has a huge orange plantation and just buy that. You don’t need to stock cans of oranges.

Be aware that most of the things you order from Amazon, Alibaba, etc. are imported from China.
Search for US-made products instead. You will not die if you will not wear a made-in-China baseball cap. Spend a little money on a quality US-made baseball cap.
Patriotism is not about rallying and bullying innocent and peace-loving Asians living in America. You can help by using your purchasing power. Reduce the number of household items you buy that are made or produced in China. Patronize your own products that are made in the US. You only buy made-in-China products if you have no other alternative.

For clothing— search for Made in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines. I know it could be difficult to find an item that is not from China but at least try. It could be fun you know. I do that.

Those are simple, cheap, and very easy things an American can do to help their country. If you hate the Chinese because you think the virus came from them, then express that by buying US-produced products instead. You don’t bully or hurt innocent Chinese or Asians. You continue to become a good person. No need to go to jail.

fake masks

A face mask need not be branded most especially if it’s a counterfeit.

US companies who import from China should start looking inwards or elsewhere. Do not give too many eggs to China.

We are not boycotting China. I am merely thinking if you reduce your small purchases of grocery items and non-essentials that are imported from China and instead buy locally grown, say garlic, ginger, your small action can have a big impact on your economy.
Peace-loving Americans please do the math. If 100 million Americans will spend $100 per month on US-made or US-produced products instead of those imported from China, that is 100,000,000 x $100 = $ 10 Billion a month x 12 months = $ 120 Billion per year. This can spark job creation, and the velocity of money will churn in your favor. Use your purchasing power as a weapon. Not some lame bullying, trashing, or economic sanctions. Be smart, do the math.

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