Will Avoid Dining in Balay Dako by Antonio’s

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May 24, 2022
2:47 pm

We were number 372. As usual, Balay Dako Restaurant is enjoying the steady stream of domestic tourists that flock to its restaurant in Tagaytay. From the minute it opened, thousands upon thousands continue to patronize this sprawling restaurant with a commanding view of Taal Lake.
3:11 pm
Balay Daku restaurant

3:12 pm

Balay Daku sorbetes
3:46 pm
Balay Daku restaurant bill

Today, after we finished eating, my husband declared that we will reduce to scarcity the number of times we dine here in Balay Dako. You won’t see the two of us here for the next several months, unless, we have companions or balikbayan guests who want Filipino food. But if it’s just the two of us, we will avoid coming here for a while. Why? There’s nothing wrong with Balay Dako by Antonio’s. It is one of the best casual dining restaurants in Tagaytay if not the best. But,
there are many other smaller restaurants in Tagaytay and we want to spread the blessings. We want to help the other businesses also. Huwag dito na lang tayo kumakain lagi-lagi kasi libu-libo na ang kumakain dito. Ikalat naman natin ang grasya. Kumain din tayo sa ibang restaurant.


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