White Bowl Gift from Loel and Det de Leon

Aug 15

This was a gift from Loel de Leon and his mom, Det de Leon.  It was given to me on August 5 but I didn’t want to open it right away.  I wanted to make sure I have a space for it.  I knew it was something for the house but since the box was big I wanted to make sure that whatever it was in the box, I will have a space to keep it or a place to display it.

I only got to open it today.

1 pm

White bowl made of clay.  It’s big but surprisingly not heavy.
White BOWL Gift

I was surprised when I flipped it. It was made in the Philippines. It was a happy surprise. I always feel proud when I see merchandise being sold here in the US or in other countries that are made in our country. We have fine craftsmanship and our designs are world-renowned. China just overtook our exports because they manufacture products way cheaper.
We need to export Philippine products more.

Thank you Loel and Det.


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