Dec 26, 2021

I was still in the kitchen at way past 3 am cleaning, drying glasses, putting away plates, packing left-over food, etc.  I flopped on the bed too exhausted but too tired to sleep. One would expect that with a beat up body I would just fall into a deep slumber but that didn’t happen.  I couldn’t sleep.  The adrenalin continued to soar. I flipped and flopped the whole night or what’s left of the night.

Left over food from Christmas party was always special.

After Christmas

Dec 27, 2021, 4:10 pm

Roast duck from Ranch 99, 4:40 pm

Machang in squares is my favorite too. I microwave it for a minute because I like it hot.

December 28, 10 am
We place wee wee pads everywhere. It’s a good day when Mochi shoots her pee right in the center but many times she misses.

Mochi has three beds. One is in the garage. One is in the hallway, one inside my son’s room where she sleeps at night.
We leave her in the garage with a bowl of food and water whenever we leave the house. Se couldn’t leave her inside the house by herself otherwise she would pee and poo everywhere. We also can’t leave her out in the backyard because there are wildlife danger: coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, big crows. They might swoop down on Mochi.

Time to wash her beds. Just like us, we want to make sure our dogs enjoy clean blankets too.  She’s also going on a holiday and we’re bringing one of her beds.




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