Peace to all from Mochi

Mochi is turning 15 years old and her age shows. Unlike when we first borrowed her during the initial lockdown in March 2020, she was still very agile and sprightly then. She could run up and down the stairs, jump fast, growl. She took long afternoon walks with Oyen covering at least 10,000 steps. Now, she walks much slower and at times wobbly. She has lost a lot of weight and I could feel some of her bones, specifically her ribs and vertebrae.
(Humans have 206 bones in their bodies, while dogs have 319 to 321.)

She is very picky when it comes to food, my fault because I fed her table food. Her favorite is roast chicken.

Mochi solo, Aug 4, 2021 Lyka
(photo taken on August 6, 2021 by Lyka Photography)
Annie Tan-Yee with Marshall and Mochi

When I look at her eyes, sometimes I wonder what goes through her mind. What is she thinking? Is she happy? Is she sad? Does she feel pain in her body? Does she feel loved? I hope she feels the assurance that I am here, by her side.

From Mochi and I, we wish all of you a long and happy life. Peace.



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2 thoughts on “Peace to all from Mochi

    1. I can only agree with you Marc. Mochi is truly very lucky to have us in her life. All our dogs are blessed to have us modesty aside.

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